Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Program

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Program
Quick Start Weight Loss Program
All For Only $100.00
30 Day Supply Appetite Suppressant Medication: Phentermine-Adipex-Bontril
Vitamin B-12 Injection Therapy
Consult With Medical Doctor
Personal Diet & Exercise Program
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Medically Supervised Prescription Weight Loss Program

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss

Lose 2 - 5 lbs a Week
With Our
Clinically Proven
Weight Loss Program

Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia
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"I went from 240 lbs to 167 lbs in 3 months
with the Doctor's weight loss program."
Michael Allen

"I lost 21 lbs in 3.5 weeks!"
David A.

"I went from a size 16 to 12"
Samantha H.

Weight loss program consists of:

The use of prescription and non-prescription appetite suppressant medications like:
  • Phentermine
  • Adipex
  • Bontril
  • Vitamin B12 Injection
  • Supplements for weight loss
  • Medifast
You will be instructed in a nutritional program teaching you:
  • The proper amount of calories you should be eating on a daily basis.
  • How often you should be eating during the day.
  • The proper times to eat throughout the day.
  • The correct food combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates.
You will also be instructed in a home exercise program that is:
  • Designed specifically for you to achieve the maximum fat loss.
  • Personal program made especially for you at whatever your present fitness level is.

Weight Loss Programs

Your weight loss program starts with a detailed evaluation and consultation with our Doctors.

In this consultation the Doctor will review:
  • Your weight concerns.
  • Your past and present medical history.
  • As well as medications that you are presently taking.
During this consultation:
  • You will establish a goal weight.
  • The Doctor will recommend the most effective appetite suppressant medication for you.
  • You will also receive a Vitamin B12 injection.
  • A detailed nutritional program.
  • A personally designed exercise program.
4 weeks later at your next visit:
  • You will be weighed.
  • Your blood pressure will be taken.
  • Your exercise and food journals will be discussed.
  • Any necessary medication adjustments will be made.
How Much Does It Cost?
  • Consultation with the Doctor
  • Vitamin B12 Injection
  • 4 Week Supply of Appetite Suppressant Medication

Only $100.00

Call Now: 215-821-7336

Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia

Medical Weight Loss Do's

If you are looking to lose weight then this article is for you. In this weight loss article I will give you quick and easy tips that will have you getting rid of fat and losing weight in no time at all. The tips that I'm going to give you have been tried and true and very effective in helping people achieve their weightless loss goals in our medical weight loss facility.

First we must start by figuring out the amount of calories you should be eating each and every day. For most females 1000 to 1200 cal per day are enough to provide the proper amount of energy to keep our body systems functioning normally and at peak performance. Eating over this may cause most women to gain weight. Now for most men 1600 cal per day seems to be sufficient to maintain the systems of our body operating properly.

Keeping this in mind the majority of you will probably have to cut back on the amounts and quantity of food that you are eating every day. When we first do this you will initially start losing weight. But over a couple days you will have to start exercising in order to continue the weight loss process. This will keep your metabolism at a higher rate so that you will burn any excessive calories that your body does not need for energy and it will also burn extra fat off of your body.

Let's start by planning are eating program. The number one rule to remember is that as long as you are eating sugar your body will not lose weight. So this means that you are not allowed to eat any sugar at all. No candy bars, no regular soda, no dried fruit and even no fruit juice that you buy at the store. Believe it or not if you stop eating everything that contained sugar you will be significantly reducing the number of calories that you are eating every day and you will lose weight. Not to mention, that you will not only start looking better but you will start feeling better and being healthier.

You should have your first meal within the first hour of waking up. You should have 2 to 3 ounces of lean protein; approximately 15 to 30 grams of good quality carbohydrates and you should also take a good multivitamin and a capsule of flax seed oil or fish oil. It is important to eat breakfast because this will jump-start your fat burning system and gives your body the proper fuel and energy that it needs to start and continue throughout the rest of the day.

After breakfast you should be approximately every 3 to 4 hours. Each meal should consist of 1 to 2 ounces of lean quality protein and lots of vegetables.

Try to stop beating between 7 and 8 PM.

Make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. I recommend that most of our weight-loss clients tried to sleep 7 to 9 hours every evening. Your body actually metabolizes fat while you are sleeping. So if you are not sleeping enough you will not be losing as much weight as you should on any type of weight loss program.

Now you also need to exercise in order to facilitate and continue with your weight loss process. Initially I have most of our weight-loss clients perform 60 minutes of some type of cardiovascular activity every day.

Once they become physically fit we start increasing the intensity of their exercise programs. We can start adding some resistance training as well as some higher intensity cardiovascular exercises.

Most of our weight-loss clients love our high intensity training weight loss exercise routines.

Once you become more physically fit you will not have to exercise every single day. In fact most of her weight-loss clients that of a lawsuit tremendous amount of weight are now only working out three days a week and yet they still look fantastic and they do not gain any weight back.

So as you can see achieving your weight loss goals requires eating the right types of food and the right amount of food as well as performing the right type of exercises.

I admit that sometimes it can all be overwhelming.

So if you are having trouble and putting it all together I would highly recommend that you consult with a medical weight loss specialist. In our Philadelphia medical weight loss center we provide our patients with a detailed blueprint of what they should be eating, how much they should be eating, exactly when and how often to eat and the best type of exercises to get rid of their body fat as fast as possible.

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