Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Program

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss Program
Quick Start Weight Loss Program
All For Only $100.00
30 Day Supply Appetite Suppressant Medication: Phentermine-Adipex-Bontril
Vitamin B-12 Injection Therapy
Consult With Medical Doctor
Personal Diet & Exercise Program
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Medically Supervised Prescription Weight Loss Program

Philadelphia Medical Weight Loss

Lose 2 - 5 lbs a Week
With Our
Clinically Proven
Weight Loss Program

Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia
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"I went from 240 lbs to 167 lbs in 3 months
with the Doctor's weight loss program."
Michael Allen

"I lost 21 lbs in 3.5 weeks!"
David A.

"I went from a size 16 to 12"
Samantha H.

Weight loss program consists of:

The use of prescription and non-prescription appetite suppressant medications like:
  • Phentermine
  • Adipex
  • Bontril
  • Vitamin B12 Injection
  • Supplements for weight loss
  • Medifast
You will be instructed in a nutritional program teaching you:
  • The proper amount of calories you should be eating on a daily basis.
  • How often you should be eating during the day.
  • The proper times to eat throughout the day.
  • The correct food combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates.
You will also be instructed in a home exercise program that is:
  • Designed specifically for you to achieve the maximum fat loss.
  • Personal program made especially for you at whatever your present fitness level is.

Weight Loss Programs

Your weight loss program starts with a detailed evaluation and consultation with our Doctors.

In this consultation the Doctor will review:
  • Your weight concerns.
  • Your past and present medical history.
  • As well as medications that you are presently taking.
During this consultation:
  • You will establish a goal weight.
  • The Doctor will recommend the most effective appetite suppressant medication for you.
  • You will also receive a Vitamin B12 injection.
  • A detailed nutritional program.
  • A personally designed exercise program.
4 weeks later at your next visit:
  • You will be weighed.
  • Your blood pressure will be taken.
  • Your exercise and food journals will be discussed.
  • Any necessary medication adjustments will be made.
How Much Does It Cost?
  • Consultation with the Doctor
  • Vitamin B12 Injection
  • 4 Week Supply of Appetite Suppressant Medication

Only $100.00

Call Now: 215-821-7336

Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia

How To Stop Your Cravings - Philadelphia Weight Loss

The number one problem with weight loss is that most people complain that they cannot control their cravings and appetite. They tell me that if they could control their cravings they would be able to lose weight quickly and easily. So in this article I am going to list a few easy ways that you can get rid of your cravings so you can lose weight now.

How To Stop Cravings
  1. The number one way to stop your cravings is to take an appetite suppressant medication like Phentermine. Phentermine is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for appetite suppression. It is also one of the best appetite suppressant medications. People taking Phentermine tell me that their cravings and hunger are totally under control.
  2. Smell peppermint a few times during the day. A study at a major university concluded that smelling peppermint during the day really reduced cravings and that the people who smelled peppermint cut 2,800 calories a week from their diet.
  3. When you get cravings go for a 15 minute walk. Another study noted that people who went for a 15 minute walk when the cravings hit actually lost their cravings. So go for a short walk instead of eating that piece of chocolate cake with ice cream.
  4. Go ahead and cheat a little bit. If you are craving a chocolate chip cookie indulge yourself and eat a small one. Savor each and every bite. Take a bite and let the cookie just lay there in your mouth. Give yourself time to taste that yummy cookie. Let it dissolve in your mouth and then chew it until it is totally dissolved. Now remember one cookie means only one individual cookie and not the entire bag.
  5. Snack on vegetables and fruit during the day. That chocolate cookie you just had as a cheat would taste even better with a banana. So if you are going to have a little cheat eat a piece of healthy fresh fruit with it.
  6. When you are finished eating have nice cup of hot tea with lemon. This will cleanse your tongue and mouth and help decrease our appetite and allow your body to realize that it is full.
  7. Limit the amount of cheat foods in your house but stock up on delicious fruits.
Remember the more fruit and vegetables you eat the skinnier you will be!

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